I don't nap nearly as often as I would like to or feel that I need to. Some people nap every day, and others nap maybe once a year. Regardless of how often you nap, Bustle says that there are mistakes that you could be making with your napping habits.

  • Napping for too long even if it might feel nice to nap for an hour or two, a thirty minute nap is actually much more ideal for those wanting to feel more energized when they wake up.
  • Napping too late in the day will interrupt your sleep patterns at night because you won't be tired enough to fall asleep when you need to. You should try to limit your nap to before 2pm if you want to go to bed at a reasonable hour in the evening.
  • Napping in a noisy environment can hinder the effectiveness of your nap, so if you want to take a nap, fully immerse yourself into a comfortable space. Take off your shoes, get under a cozy blanket and even play some white noise if you need to.

How you nap is just as important as when you nap, and yes, there are wrong ways to go about napping if you want to get the great benefits from a little mid-day shut eye.

(via Bustle)

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