According to a new study from the career experts at Zippia, about 33% of us who've been working from home during the pandemic have been napping on the clock, although the numbers are a bit different in New York.

Zippia conducted a survey of 2,000 Americans working from home these days and drilled down into their snoozing habits. About 37% of us who DO nap during work hours, go right for their convenient and snuggly beds, while about 17% of just nap right there at our desks. Zippia also has state-by-state breakdowns.

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When it comes to naps at home during work hours, about 35% of New Yorkers have been napping at home, versus the 33% average. We rank #23 among the 50 U.S. states in naps.

The states with the most nappers are North Dakota and Alaska, both at 67%. Montana, Vermont, and Wyoming are apparently awake all the time. They all registered at an amazingly alert 0%. Either that, or there are a lot of liars in those states.

If you're having sleep issues, don't forget about our local experts:

  • Mohawk Valley Sleep Disorders, Utica, 315-734-3484
  • Sleep Disorders Lab, Utica, 315-624-9004
  • Rome Memorial Hospital Sleep Disorders Center, Rome, 315-338-7242

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