Have you ever put yourself down because you didn't like what you saw in the mirror? We are our harshest critics, and we really shouldn't be! Bustle, and psychologist Jaclyn Lopez Witner, explain how you can start being nicer to yourself.

  • Consider what you are looking at online and how those photos and people are making you feel about yourself. Comparing yourself to other people online (celebrities, influencers, whoever) can hurt how you feel about yourself, so you need to be more aware of that and sometimes take a break from social media if you're feeling down about yourself at all.
  • Wear clothes that feel comfortable and help you to feel good about yourself. Whether you're expressing yourself, trying not to be noticed, or anything in between, wear what you want to wear and whatever colors you like best.
  • Find ways you enjoy moving even if you hate exercise, there are some ways to sneak in a good sweat without feeling like it's exercise. Do you like to dance? What about swimming? Even just a nice walk around the block with your dog can help get you moving and feeling better about yourself.

However you feel about yourself right now is fine, but all of us can always feel better about ourselves and learn to love ourselves more.

(via Bustle)

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