When you think of radio station t-shirts, the first thought that probably pops into your mind is a boring t-shirt with the radio station logo splayed across the chest and that's it, right? That might have been the case in the past, but not anymore.

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Kiss 104.1 is so excited to announce that we have a new merch store with its own unique line of t-shirts, mugs, stickers, hoodies, and even cell phone cases, and each item was designed by our local on-air personalities just for YOU.

We've rolled out several limited-edition designs in mens, ladies, and kids that you can wear as a short-sleeve shirt, a long-sleeve shirt, or a hoodie. Add a sticker to your laptop, or change out your phone case because we have those options, too.

Given everything going on in the world these days, we're especially excited to introduce our "Let's be better to each other" design. This shirt shows off a statement that says everything that needs to be said without being pushy about it. This design comes in a variety of shirt and hoodie color choices.

Happy shopping! Oh, and if you buy something from our merch store, we'd love to see a photo of you wearing it, so make sure to snap one and send it to us through the Kiss 104.1 app!

Take A Look At The Brand-New Kiss 104.1 Shirt Designs!

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