Your relationship should feel like a safe space for you. If you don't look forward to seeing your partner because you're not really comfortable around them, that can be something you two can work on together.

  • Discuss what love means to you as with love comes certain expectations that you should have a conversation about with your partner. Everyone defines love differently, and you may not know that until you discuss your definitions of love.
  • Help each other when you're sick because it can really reveal your true selves when your partner sees you sick or when you have to help take care of them. Getting sick is a fact of life, and if you get through a weekend of cold medicine and used tissues, you can get through almost anything else.
  • Try new things together that you've never done with someone else before. Seeing someone out of their comfort zone can speak a lot about them, and when you're both relying on each other to can help you two bond!

Getting comfortable with someone when you're in a new relationship can be a whole new, amazing feeling. Working together to strengthen the relationship is so, so important for success.

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