Becoming comfortable in a relationship does not happen overnight. Bustle, and family psychotherapist Jorge Fernandez, LCSW, explains that there are things you can do to become more comfortable in your relationship.

  • Define cheating within the same timeframe that you define the relationship just so there is no miscommunication on that. Some people might consider kissing cheating, others won't consider it cheating unless it's intercourse with another person. It's good to know where the boundaries are so that you won't cross them.
  • Show your flaws because there's no reason to hide any part of yourself to your partner if you ever expect to be comfortable around them. We all have bad habits, so there's no reason your new partner should expect you to be perfect in any way.
  • Share your opinions as you don't want to find out five years down the line that your partner is a "Flat Earther" or worse. Something like that would be an absolute deal breaker for me, so I imagine other opinions might have you feeling the same way.

Getting comfortable in a relationship is such a good feeling, but it takes work from both sides of the relationship in order to feel like you can be your full and genuine self in a new partnership.

(via Bustle)

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