People respond well to positivity, so if you give off great positive energy then you're likely to attract more people into your life! Bustle shares a few great ways to start giving off more positive energy and hopefully improve your life!

  • Work on accomplishing your goals because there is nothing more powerful than someone who is getting things done and who is goal-oriented. It will give your some serious confidence, and people will begin to notice.
  • Compliment others! The best way to be positive is to brighten the days of everyone around you, and what better way to do that than to compliment them? Everyone likes to be appreciated after all.
  • Wear brighter colors which will inhibit you to feel more upbeat and happy, and it will also put more color into the lives of those who see you that day. You appear more positive when you wear colors like pink as opposed to navy blue or black.

The more positivity you can project, the better you will feel, and hopefully you will get some of that positive energy back onto you.

(via Bustle)

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