From back to school parties, to holiday parties, a lot of social events are coming up and coming up quickly! Bustle, and therapist Rachel Dubrow LCSW, explains that if you have social anxiety, there are things you can to do help fight it in social situations.

  • Bring a friend with you to any event that you're feeling nervous about. Keep them in your sight while you're there, but don't have them stick next to you the whole night. They can help you to feel more comfortable in the space that you're in at the party, and they can also be used as an excuse to leave if you feel too overwhelmed at any point.
  • Keep a drink in your hands so you aren't fidgeting trying to figure out what to do with your hands, and so you have something to do (drinking the drink!) without looking awkward. It doesn't have to be alcohol, water or punch is just fine, too.
  • Remind yourself why you're going to the party or other social event... is it to make friends? Is it a work function for you to network at? If there is a specific goal to reach at this party, like making friends or connections, then focus on that goal.

Some parties will be easier for you than others, and you might even have fun! Try to relax, and remember that you're probably not the only nervous or anxious person there.

(via Bustle)

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