Self-care has it's many benefits, and I support those who embrace it and take time out of their week to focus on themselves and relax. There are ways to reap the benefits of self-care without breaking the bank, and I have some advice on how to afford to relax and unwind without spending too much.

  • Get creative when looking at your monthly budget. If you really want to get a massage once a month, then you might have to give up brunch with your group of friends with they like to go every Sunday, you may only be able to go twice that month with them.
  • Set goals and work towards them. When you achieve a specific goal then you can reward yourself with a special self-care item like a professional facial or a weekend away.
  • Follow the 50/30/20 rule where fifty percent of your income goes to fixed living expenses, thirty percent goes to savings, and twenty percent goes to things like dinners out, self-care expenses and other variable costs.

Unfortunately, money makes the world go round, and you have to pay your fixed expenses first before you can relax and unwind with any self-care that you'd like to indulge in.

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