The White Claw slushie has been a hit this Summer. After all, what else is there to do this Summer? May as well get creative with your drinking and that includes even just taking an ordinary White Claw and making a masterpiece out of it.

Most importantly, the ladies love it by the pool and everyone is having a good time.

Here's what to do (yes, you need directions. This is more than just putting some blended ice in a White Claw).

In a blender you're going to want to put in the cup:

  • Ice
  • White Claw, flavor of your choice
  • Add regular vodka (any amount)
  • Add some strawberries
  • Blend

No matter what flavor you have the strawberries to get some density in there to make it slushie. Plus, strawberry is the only flavor that can be combined with all of the White Claw flavors and not taste too weird. Remember, that seltzers are not vodka, so you are mixing a hard seltzer and ACTUAL vodka, so be careful.

Of course, you can use any seltzer that you want: White Claw, Truly, Smirnoff, Labatt Blue, Bud Light Seltzers. As, of last year White Claw lead the way in sales.

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