No matter how prepared you may be for a job interview, it can always feel nerve wracking meeting a potential employer for the first time and having to talk about yourself. Bustle, and Michelle Armer who is the Chief People Officer at CareerBuilder, explain that there are ways to ease your anxiety about a job interview.

Play some adrenaline pumping music on the drive to the interview as a way to get yourself psyched up. Feeling excited and happy from the good tunes can help mask your anxious jitters.

If you would rather relax before the interview, visualize yourself shaking your new boss' hand and accepting the offer of your new position. You'll feel much more confident going into the interview if you can already see yourself getting that job.

Most importantly though, remember to be yourself in the interview. Putting on a front and over-exaggerating your qualifications will only hurt you in the end if you get a job that you are not prepared for, and your employer will likely feel as though they hired the wrong person for the job, and that's just not fair to them either.

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(via Bustle)

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