Upstate has seen many entertainers come from our region. Poets, singers, actors, comics, and show-people of all stripes.

Here is an interesting list of 13 entertainers who found great success on the Billboard music charts over the years.

And what a wide range of genres:  pop, jazz, funk, folk, country, instrumentals, and more.

Each of these artists landed on the Billboard music charts, many of them several times.  It is an amazing list of native Upstaters who struck major gold in the music industry.

Did You Know This? These 13 Upstate Entertainers Struck GOLD on the Billboard Charts

This is a fascinating list of 13 native Upstate New York entertainers who found major success on the Billboard music charts. The range is amazing, from corny sing-a-long music, to dizzying funk and jazz sounds, to easy listening instrumentals, and to country music favorites, they all struck gold with the American listening audience! Check this list out!

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