Just like you have goals for yourself next year that you want to accomplish, you might also want to think about goals for your relationship as well. Bustle and Susan Trombetti, the owner of Exclusive Matchmaking, have some great ideas for goals that you and your partner can set for the relationship.

  • Make time for date nights which is definitely easier said than done because you both may work crazy hours, have children or pets to worry about, etc. However, don't let your relationship fall to the backburner. It doesn't have to be fancy, it just needs to be time for the two of you alone... maybe with a pizza.
  • Put your phone down! I am terrible at this one, but I need to learn to get better. How can you or I connect with our partners and really be there in the moment with them if we're always buried in our phones? Spoiler alert: We can't be. Let's try to be better in 2019.
  • Say "Thank you" more to your partner because you may take for granted the fact that they always take the trash out or they start the oven preheating before you get in so that you don't need to wait longer to have your dinner. It's the little things that you may not think to thank them for that you should probably start thanking them for.

It's never good to become complacent in your relationships, so having goals that you and your partner can accomplish in the next year is a great way to stay connected with them.

(via Bustle)

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