If you're willing to put in the work, anyone can have a happy relationship. Bustle, and Katie Ziskind who is a licensed marriage therapist, explain that there are some phrases that you should say to your partner often to help to have a happier relationship in general.

  • "You're the best!" always feels good to hear from someone that you love and respect. Knowing that they think highly of you and enjoy your company is a wonderful thing to be reminded of from time to time.
  • "Thank you!" never gets old to hear especially when it's because you did something to make your partner's life just a little bit easier like running the dishwasher or folding their laundry. Acknowledgement of the little things can sometimes mean so much more than big gestures of love.
  • "I need you." can feel great to hear in a long-term relationship. You can love and want to be with someone, but to tell your partner that you need them (especially if you're in a moment of vulnerability) takes your relationship to a whole different level.

Your partner can't read your mind, so a verbal confirmation of your feelings can really help you and your significant other feel comfortable and secure in the relationship.

(via Bustle)

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