Happy Friday! Isn't it so nice to come home on Fridays when you know there is nothing planned for the next two full days? I love it. Bustle says that there are things you can do on Fridays with your partner that will have you feeling closer to them all weekend long.

  • Recap your week with your significant other and see how you both are feeling about how the last five days went for the two of you. You might be surprised to learn more about the work environment that your partner has, and hopefully if there were any issues with your relationship or anything outside of work, that you can fix them together.
  • Go on a date especially today because it's First Friday! Go out for a drink and an appetizer after work to unwind a little bit or go see one of the new movies coming out this weekend. Anything that you two can do to reconnect as a couple and enjoy each other's company will do great! Maybe try to go ice skating!
  • Put your phones away as you've been connected all week and deserve a break from social media and work e-mails. Take some time to talk to and bond with your partner and leave your phones off or at least in the other room.

After this long and cold week, it's good to be able to come to your partner and feel relaxed and refreshed. Take tonight to reconnect and then try to stay connected all weekend long.

(via Bustle)

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