If you have been searching for ways to feel closer to your partner, there are some great old-school things that you two can do together. Bustle has some date ideas that I'm sure your parents and grandparents did when they were dating.

  • Go out dancing and don't make the excuse that you don't know how to dance. If you can move your hips, you and your significant other will have the time of your lives going out and getting close (physically) as well as probably laughing most of the night.
  • Play a board game because there's nothing quite like bonding over a little friendly competition. Make this a monthly or weekly tradition, open a bottle of wine, and see if your partner can play fair.
  • Take an evening walk after dinner some night and watch the sunset at a local park. This will give you a moment to unwind with your partner and talk about your day instead of worrying about the dishes or trying to catch up with social media after work.

Old school dates and bonding moments are all about it being low-key and relaxing. You don't need to spend money to reconnect with your partner.

(via Bustle)

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