With Halloween falling on a Thursday this year, and having to work tomorrow morning, it's better to play it safe and have a sober Halloween this year. But don't you worry, you can still have a lot of fun today!

  • Throw your own party which can help you control the drinks and fun activities to be had! Have a fun punch for your guests to indulge in, and then make sure there are fun games and spooky movies playing so people have things to do!
  • Make mocktails! Bubbly drinks don't have to have alcohol in them to be enjoyable. There's sparkling apple juice or grape juice that you can use to make some really tasty mocktails!
  • Find an event around town centered around families and children as those events are usually hosted without alcohol and can be cute, fun and really enjoyable for everyone!

We all want to make it to work on Friday without a hangover, so there are a lot of great ways to have Halloween fun without alcohol. Happy Halloween!

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