If you think that relationships can be hard, I would argue that being newly single is much, much harder. Bustle has a few great tips to build your dating confidence after being out of the dating pool for a while.

  • Don't date until you're ready which can be tough, and your friends may want to get you back out there to cheer you up, but you should focus on yourself for a while and re-evaluate what you are looking for in a relationship before you start dating again, otherwise you're bound to make mistakes.
  • Work on rebuilding your social life because chances are, it probably suffered while you were in your last relationship. Friendships can and will last longer than any relationship that you may have, so cultivating those and rebuilding your friendships will help you flourish yourself.
  • Don't try to "save" someone especially when they don't feel like they need any saving. If you're not ready to date yet, you might find yourself going after other equally emotionally unavailable men. Trying to "save" someone can only hurt yourself in the end, and it's really never worth your time or effort.

The dating pool is a tricky thing to navigate, and going head first into it before you're ready will only end up with you and your confidence a little bruised.

(via Bustle)

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