Doesn't it feel so good to be complimented? Bustle, and author B.J. Gallagher, explain that there are some old fashioned compliments that we should definitely try bringing back.

  • "You're the top!" is very similar to telling someone that they are the best, but if you find yourself saying that phrase a lot to someone, the meaning might get diluted over time. So, mix it up!
  • "You have real chutzpah!" which is a compliment to their bravery and confidence to get the job done whatever it is! Noticing someone's courage and letting them know that you appreciate their good deeds always feels good to hear. Arguably, it's a better compliment than telling them that they look good!
  • "You're such a mink!" is an appreciation for their extraordinary personality and class. While you might need to explain to the person what you mean by this compliment, it is so unique that this person will definitely not forget it!

It feels so good to be complimented by someone, and it also feels great to compliment someone else! Mix things up and throw in some old fashioned phrases the next time you want to let someone know how you feel.

(via Bustle)

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