Most advice that your parents and grandparents give you is probably some of the best advice you'll ever receive, but sometimes old-fashioned advice can do more damage to your relationship than any good for it. Bustle says that some advice can actually increase your chances of divorce.

  • "Keep up with the Joneses" is terrible to do because you are only going to be comparing yourself and your relationship to your neighbors. It doesn't matter that they may have a greener lawn or a newer car as it will only drive you (and ultimately your partner) nuts if you worry about your neighbors and wanting to be like them.
  • "Happy wife, happy life" can be a tough one for a number of reasons. For one, not all marriages have a wife in the equation anymore! And also, as much as you may want to solve all of your wife's problems, sometimes you just can't do it! That's perfectly okay though. Also, the husband in the marriage should be able to have his needs satisfied as well. A marriage is a team effort.
  • "Forgive and forget" should not be a hard rule anymore! Conflict in relationships can be healthy as long as you know how to fight fairly. Forgetting what happened in a previous fight will almost guarantee that you will have that fight again with your partner. No one wants that!

You want to be able to learn from your relationship and, while some of these pieces of advice may have worked for your grandparents or parents, you really need to see what works for your own relationship.

(via Bustle)

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