Whether you have been with your partner for three months or thirty years, there are always ways in which you can bond with your significant other. Bustle and spiritual counselor Davida Rappaport say that there are some old-fashioned ways that couples used to bond that we should definitely bring back.

  • Write love letters even if you two live together, it's always nice to know how your partner feels about you written in their own handwriting. I know for me, it's like pulling teeth in order to get my fiancé to get or make me a card for Valentine's day, but for the years that he does, it is so so sweet.
  • Create weekly rituals whether that means you devote an afternoon on the weekend to cook together or wake up early one day a week to enjoy your first cup of coffee together. Having that time set aside to connect and bond with your partner is something that you two can look forward to each week.
  • Plan weekend getaways which can be something as simple as a day trip up to Ithaca or an overnight on the Finger Lakes. Taking some time away from your normal routines to relax together and bond maybe over a bottle of wine or a good dinner where you don't have to do the dishes afterwards can help you both reconnect as a couple.

Finding ways to stay in touch with your significant other which is so important in making sure that you two feel connected. Old-fashioned ways of bonding with your partner definitely work... just look at your parents and grandparents!

(via Bustle)

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