Having a routine with your partner is good, becoming complacent over the routine is not good. Bustle, and Courtney Minarsky, LCSW, who is a private practice therapist, explains that there are ways to reignite the fire in a relationship that may have gotten a little stale.

  • Talk it out together, first and foremost, so that you can understand how your partner is feeling and figure out where you both think the relationship is lacking. Communication can make or break any relationship, so talk to your significant other and try to see what needs to be worked on in your relationship.
  • Volunteer together if you think you and your partner aren't spending enough time together. Walk dogs at the shelter, or serve dinner at the local soup kitchen. Bonding and working as a team can help you feel closer to your partner than just going to the movies together (you can't even talk!).
  • Do something scary together because it will get your blood pumping and allow you to feel excited. Watch a scary movie with all the lights out or go zip lining! Something that will put you out of your comfort zone while also letting you two reconnect as a couple.

Relationships are a lot of work, but if you both want to put in the effort, it can definitely be worth it. Reconnect with your partner and see how they are feeling about you and the relationship. If there are any issues, address them right away so that they don't become bigger problems later on.

(via Bustle)

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