If you're in a relationship and you or your partner is caught flirting with someone else, it can be a tricky situation. What is considered flirting? And what is considered cheating? Let's discuss.

Flirting can be a range of things, from complimenting a stranger in public (who they may never see again) to buying drinks and striking up a conversation with someone with the intention for more. Intention is huge in terms of if you or your partner is doing something that they should not be doing.

Think about this, too, would you want your partner to see you doing what you're doing? If it's harmless, then you would be okay with your partner watching you talk to this stranger.

And then, is flirting cheating? Flirting is all talk... but cheating is typically more physical. So while flirting is frowned upon and could certainly lead to cheating, it usually isn't cheating on it's own.

However like most things, you need to communicate with your partner how you feel about flirting and cheating and what you define those things as.

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