Entertaining friends and family does not have to be something you only do around the holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.) but instead something you can do just because! Bustle and  Bronwen Smith, owner and lead designer of B Floral Design & Production, think that there are some old-fashioned party traditions that really need to come back into style!

  • Playing records instead of putting on an online playlist not only let's the music be part of the activities that you have during the party (you have to have someone there to turn over the records) but it allows you to have people bring their own records to share and everyone can enjoy music that they may not always listen to.
  • Sending a paper invitation as opposed to just making an event page on Facebook will make your guests feel special and make the event feel that much more important. It is so easy to ignore a Facebook invite to an event, but a paper invitation to a party definitely let's it stand out. Also consider sending thank you notes to anyone who does come to your party, too!
  • Playing charades is something I think I only ever see in movies, or I played the game with my cousins when we were at my grandparent's house, but I've never played the game with my friends at a party. It is bound to create a lot of laughs, and it's a timeless game that really needs to be brought back!

Hosting friends at your house is a nice way to see those that you love and care about without spending a lot of money on food and drinks downtown. Taking the time to personally invite people and having games like charades can certainly make your party more memorable than any others that your friends will go to this year.

(via Bustle)

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