The flu has been around for thousands of years, and while we all try to prevent catching it every year, sometimes it's inevitable that we get sick. However, if your mother or grandmother try to convince you to try any of these old-fashioned remedies in order to cure yourself of the flu, Bustle says that they just don't work... but it is pretty hilarious that people used to try these in order to get better!

  • Dirty socks under the collar was something that I have heard of before, but I would not have assumed was actually a way people tried to prevent the flu or feel better. I would have sworn that this "cure" was a joke!
  • Whiskey with bacon grease had been considered both a preventative and a cure, but something tells me it tasted too gross for anyone to keep drinking long enough to see if it worked!
  • Raw onions on a plate would often be kept out in a house to "soak up" the flu before it infected anyone in the house. I mean, are you serious with this one? That's just a waste of a perfectly good onion!

Sometimes your parents and grandparents have the answers to life's problems, but other times, you really should not take their advice... and if and when you come down with the flu, it might just be best to ignore their advice.

(via Bustle)

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