There is so much information out there about the Coronavirus, but not all of it may be correct. Here are some things that you might have heard that are myths about the virus.

  • Corornavirus is extremely deadly is not really true. Yes, some people are dying from it, and more people will, but just because you get it doesn't mean you'll die. Most of the people dying are elderly or immune-compromised in some way. If you're young and healthy, you will likely be just fine.
  • Coronavirus feels just like the flu, again, not quite correct. Here is a post I made explaining the differences between the flu and Coronavirus. The flu is mostly in the head while Coronavirus is in the lungs.
  • Everyone with Coronavirus needs to be hospitalized is thankfully another myth. Again, if you're in the elderly population or immune-compromised then it's certainly wise to see a healthcare professional, but otherwise, you just want to keep yourself as healthy as possible by staying hydrated, eating well, and using over the counter medication for any symptoms you might have.

Coronavirus is scary, and unfortunately, it looks like it's coming to our community very soon. Be safe, be smart, and brace for the worst while expecting the best case scenario for you and your loved ones.

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