In a long-term relationship, relying on your partner is natural and normal, but when does relying on them become taking advantage of them? Bustle, and Myles Cohen who is a dating coach, explain the signs that you might be taking advantage of your partner without even realizing it.

  • Your partner plans and initiates most things that the two of you do together or with friends. Your social calendar is usually full because your partner fills it for you without you having to make any effort to form plans. I imagine that they would appreciate (and be surprised!) if you made plans for the two of you every once in a while.
  • You expect your partner to make sacrifices such as staying up late to make sure that the laundry gets done so that you have something to wear tomorrow or to take the spare bed when you're sick instead of letting them sleep in the bed while you recover in the spare room. Taking turns doing these less than ideal things for each other makes for a much nicer union.
  • You complain about your partner to other people instead of bringing up the issues that you have in your relationship with your partner in order to try to fix what is bothering you. If you find yourself going to your friends more often to complain about your partner, there might be more at play there.

At any point in a relationship, you might have to take on more of the responsibilities than your partner and as such, there will be times when your partner will be taking on more, but over all, it should be pretty even. If that's not the case, than you might be taking advantage of your partner and you might want to find out how to resolve that.

(via Bustle)

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