You're on summer break from college and just met someone while out enjoying the nice weather, so it can be hard to figure out if it is just a fling for the summer, or if you want to turn it into a relationship. If you decide that you want to pursue a relationship, Bustle, and experts with the dating app Match, have a few tips to help you get there.

  • Don't push it with the new person that you're seeing just in case they are not on the same page as you are. Having patience is so, so important, but consider introducing them to your friends or some other subtle things that shows them that you are taking this fling more seriously.
  • Get real and open up to them about more serious topics. Talk more and act less, share your history and discuss where you see yourself going in the next couple of years. Hopefully, your fling will start doing the same with you.
  • Be honest with yourself as to why you want to make your summer fling something more serious. Do you genuinely see a future with this person, or do you think you're still trying to get over an ex, or maybe you don't think you can do any better than this person? Figure out what's really going on first, and if you really think this new person has the potential for a long-term relationship.

Whatever your reasoning for wanting to turn your summer fling into a real relationship, I hope you have the summer to remember and it can carry on into the fall.

(via Bustle)

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