You love your friends, and you love your partner. So naturally you want your partner to love your friends like you do! Bustle, and intimacy coach Irene Fehr, explains that there are tactics you can try to get your partner and your friends to get along.

  • Have an honest conversation with your partner to see what is going on, and maybe they can give you insight into why they don't like your friends. Honesty and communication are so important in any relationship, so talking to your partner and seeing how they are feeling is a great first step.
  • Know when to include your partner as not all outings with your friends need to include your partner. It's healthy for your relationship to have nights out with just friends. Time apart helps you to appreciate your time together.
  • Talk to your friends about what is going on between them and your partner and see what you can do, or find out how they are feeling because maybe they are seeing something about your partner that your rose-colored glasses have you missing.

Ask yourself how important it is for your partner and your friends to get along. If this is something of high importance for you, then talk to your partner and your friends and see how you can make everyone get along.

(via Bustle)

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