If you've made it to the dating year mark with your partner, there are some good relationship rules that you can implement in order to help insure that your relationship lasts. Bustle and Dr. Lori Whatley says that these rules may be unexpected, but they could really help you and your significant other succeed.

  • Be grateful for the small things like when your partner does the dishes (even if it is their turn to do so) thank them for it, or when you see them conversing with a family member or co-worker, acknowledge that and tell them how much you appreciate that they are trying to get to know more about the people in your world.
  • Keep learning about each other by trying to spark conversations surrounding things that they have mentioned that they enjoy and seek to learn about their childhood, teenage years, etc. as well as their opinions of what is going on in the news.
  • Have fun together which could mean trying new things as a couple like the new Mexican restaurant that opened up recently or hiking a new trail at the local State Park. You could pick up a new joke book or cook book and see where the night takes you and your partner.

After a year, the relationship may need a little bit more work for the spark to stay alive as the honeymoon phase is waning. If there is substance in the relationship after a year, you and your partner may be in it for the long haul.

(via Bustle)

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