Putting a wall up can help you to feel protected, but it can definitely hurt you and those around you if you want to get close to people again. Brit.Co explains that allowing yourself to be vulnerable can help to strengthen your relationship with those around you.

  • It shows trust when you can open up to your friends about personal issues. They feel needed by you when you come to them and become more comfortable around them. It shows to your friends that you would rather connect with them on a deeper level instead of just showing off.
  • It sets up honesty in the relationship that you are trying to be more vulnerable in. Sharing your struggles and weaknesses can help you and your friend or partner to work together to help fix whatever is hurting you, and being honest can show them how genuine you are with them.
  • It promotes self-love because if you're struggling to let yourself be comfortable and vulnerable around other people, you may need to reflect and figure out why that might be.

Learning how to be vulnerable in any relationship can help you find a deeper appreciation for the other person, and it can strengthen the bond that you share between one another.

(via Brit.Co)

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