As terrifying as it may sound, every time that you get into a relationship with someone you will either be with that person for the rest of your life or you two will break-up. Now if it is the latter of the two options, Cosmopolitan explains that there are some things that you need to do right after a break-up.

  • Block or unfollow your ex-partner on every social media platform that you have. It may sound extreme, but this will help you in the process of getting over that person. Untag yourself from photos that you two are in together, delete the ones that you shared of them or you two together. It may seem silly because you still care about the person, but it will help you start to move on.
  • Make plans to do something that you can look forward to like a wine tour around one of the finger lakes with your friends or a spa day where you can get pampered and feel refreshed. Having something exciting on your calendar can help to distract you from thinking about the break-up.
  • Learn to love being single before you try to get into a new relationship. Find yourself again and re-learn what you love to do as a single person instead of as a couple with someone else. Remember what makes you attractive and try to love yourself.

Breaking up is hard to do, as they say, but once the deed is done, moving on can be a whole new and wonderful experience if you go at it with an open mind.

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