We all enter relationships hoping that maybe this will be the last person that we will ever be with. It's a great feeling knowing that we may not ever have to start over again. But here's the dilemma, how do you choose to spend your time together?

  • You can't decide where you want to go to dinner, or what movie you want to see, or if you want to try that new bar or go to your favorite one that you already know that you like. If you struggle deciding what to do together and you can't agree on anything, that could spell trouble for the long-term.
  • You're distracted when you and your partner spend time together. If you both look down at your phones more than at each other, is that really quality time? It's called phubbing and it means that you snub your partner in favor if your phone. It's important to spend uninterrupted time with your partner, and that means putting your phone in the other room sometimes.
  • You distract each other and you don't know how to be bored together. You're ignoring the big issues that you're facing either separately or together. If you want to last as a couple, you need to broach these harder issues and work through them.

Compromise and communication are so, so important for a successful relationship. If you see their choice of movie now, they can compromise and see your choice next time. If you want the relationship to work, it will as long as you keep trying.

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