It can feel disorienting to break-up with someone after being with them for so long. While you weren't the same person, it probably felt like you were eventually and it can be really tough to find yourself after a break-up.

Feel all of the feelings after your break-up because it's healthy to let it all out and really address how you feel now that you're single and why your break-up happened in the first place. Talk to your friends about it all if you need to, or address these issues with a therapist if you can.

Now you need to cut contact with your ex if you are feeling tempted to text them and tell them that you miss them or give them any mixed messages at all. I know that you were close, were friends, and were in love, but please understand that none of that can continue. Hooking up with your ex will only make it harder to move on and get back to yourself.

Take care of yourself, first and foremost, which it probably something you hear too often now, but self-care is so, so important. Love yourself and get to know yourself again.

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