I've noticed in recent years that couples break up in droves this time of the year. So if you have a friend going through a break-up this holiday season, there are some things you can do to help make the holidays a little brighter for them.

  • Listen to them because your friend probably has a lot to get off of their chest. Likely your friend had a lot of plans for them and their partner that now they can't do during the holidays. It sucks! So the best thing you can do is listen to them vent.
  • Distract them and try to get them out of the house as they may have trouble wanting to do anything but cry, sleep, eat, and repeat. If you can get them outside to drive around the neighborhoods to look at holiday lights, or go to a local cafe to enjoy some hot chocolate. Baby steps to help them still enjoy the season.
  • Make plans with other friends such as an ugly sweater party or a secret Santa event! Again, you want to make sure your friend can enjoy the holiday season even if they are newly single and hurting. Themed distractions around the winter holidays can help them when they look back on this season and not completely hate it.

The holidays can still be magical even if you're single, and a little bit of help from your friends can allow you to enjoy all of the fun things that this season has to offer.

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