I hope you are having a great holiday season. While it's a busy time, I've had the time to watch a few Christmas movies. One of the Christmas movies I haven't seen in a long time is 'The Holiday' which was released in 2006.

It stars Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz, Jude Law, and Jack Black. It's a feel-good, romantic type of comedy. The plot involves two women played by Kate Winslet (Iris) and Cameron Diaz (Amanda), who break up with their significant other close to Christmas time.

Each long for a Christmas vacation far away, end up finding each other online and swapping residences, one in California and the other in England for the holiday.

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That sounds like a great idea, and of course, throughout the movie, there are the comedic awkward moments of visiting another place far from home along with the inevitable meeting up with a possible love of your life. I won't spoil all the details in case you haven't seen the movie, but plan to.

One has to wonder if something like this has ever happened in real life. Well, at least the house swap anyway. And the answer is yes. And we know of one person who used to live in the Binghamton area who is doing just that. You may even remember her.

Her name is Grace Gagnon. Grace used to work as a reporter for WBNG-TV here in the Binghamton area! After watching the movie 'The Holiday' over the Thanksgiving weekend, she decided to post her studio apartment in the Boston area on Tic Toc just as a joke to see what would become of it, similar to the plot of the movie.

Well, it worked alright. More than she could ever have imagined. Grace appeared on the Drew Barrymore Show earlier this week and mentioned that she received over 1000 offers to swap her apartment for places all around Europe for a vacation experience.

It's an amazing story and she's going ahead with making this adventure happen. Take a look at Grace's interview with Drew Barrymore, explaining how she made this all work out and revealing where she is going on vacation. Maybe this could be your next vacation venture!

via Drew Barrymore Show

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