When you first begin a relationship, everything is new and exciting to you. After a few years, things may settle down and maybe start to change. Bustle has assured us that this is okay, and that some changes are normal when they happen.

  • You become less embarrassed especially by your (and his) bodily functions. I'm sure you felt like you would die if you burped accidentally on a date with your partner, but now you two may even be in competition for who can burp the loudest!
  • Sex may be less frequent than when you first started dating which happens in long term relationships, but as long as you average about once a week, studies say that is still healthy and normal.
  • You invest more time in each other's friends and families and that's a good thing! You're confident that neither of you are going anywhere any time soon, and that you see it's worth it to get to know the people that your partner surrounds themselves with.
  • It gets easier to talk about difficult topics especially ones that you would have avoided when you first started dating. Like maybe you haven't really discussed religion or children yet with your partner, or maybe you're worried about finances or your health. These are things that get easier to talk about the longer you've been with someone.

Not every relationship is sunshine and roses, but things can still be great even after the honeymoon phase. If you think it's worth it, you can work through anything with your partner, normal or otherwise.

(via Bustle)

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