When you start dating someone seriously, it's hard not to get caught up in the honeymoon phase and want to speed things along. Bustle, and Candice Smith who's the co-founder of The KinkKit, explain that you might be forcing your relationship to develop quicker than it's ready for, and there are ways to tell if that's the case.

  • You are ignoring the red flags such as your partner still talking to an ex-partner or them wanting to control certain aspects of your life (such as who you can and cannot hang out with). You will rationalize these red flags because you're so eager to further the relationship.
  • You have anxiety about the relationship because the pace of the relationship didn't naturally unfold, and you may have missed some crucial steps in the process. Diving into a relationship head first may also hurt other aspects of your life, and that "all in" mentality can add to your anxiety as well.
  • Staying in constant connect will become a need instead of just a want in the beginning of the relationship. It can be overkill and a little overwhelming to feel some pressure to constantly be texting your new partner. There will be nothing to talk about when you two actually see each other next!

We all have timelines in our heads that we want to stick to (married by 30, own a house by 35, etc.) but forcing a relationship to move faster than it naturally wants to will only end up hurting you and your partner when it doesn't work out. Slow and steady wins the race!

(via Bustle)

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