All relationships have their ups and their downs, but breaking up is not always the best solution. Bustle explains that some reasons that people choose to break up with their partners are the wrong reasons, and that you can get through some of these issues.

  • You had your first fight, but everyone disagrees at some point so that isn't a good reason to break up. You can work through it. What's more important is how you fight. If you can fight in a productive manner than you may be better off with this partner than you think.
  • You're scared about the future (we all are!) however unless your future plans and your partners future plans don't line up in any way and you can't see a compromise where they can, then that may be a reason to break up. If you're just scared about the general forthcoming future, you may be okay.
  • The end of the honeymoon phase has struck! After about six months, the "love" hormones have begun to settle and you're a little less excited than you used to be about your partner. Again, no reason to break up! Find other ways to keep things interesting with them and you should be fine.

You owe every relationship a good shot. One little molehill shouldn't send them packing! So be careful, be smart and be fair in your relationships, and you should be set.

(via Bustle)

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