Dating and getting married are gambles that we all take at one point or another in our lives. Bustle says that there are some things about a couple that will tell you if they will last or not though.

  • You are able to laugh together as a couple which means that you don't take yourselves as a couple all too seriously. There will be sometimes where you will just have to laugh with your partner to keep from crying and that's how you know that you two are meant to last.
  • You two share a passion whether that be for hiking, cooking or learning about medieval European sorcery, it doesn't matter. If you and your significant other share a passion, then you are much more likely to stay together.
  • You are both equally involved in the wedding process which says that you can plan and follow-through together, and that your future means a lot to both of you. If one of you is making most of the decisions, you can expect that for other aspects of your relationship as well, and that can spell trouble.

The success of your relationship and marriage is dependent on a lot of factors, but these are some of the ones that you may not think of, and you might be surprised at just how important they are!

(via Bustle)

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