You might be seeing "picture perfect" couples this week all over social media because of Valentine's Day on Thursday. The Knot can tell you though that happy couples are not always what Facebook shows them to be. Here is some things that the happiest couples actually do (and no, they don't post it all over the internet).

  • The cultivate relationships outside of their own relationship so when your friend disappears every time they start dating someone new, chances are those relationships are not that wonderful or happy despite what Facebook and Instagram might tell you.
  • They make an effort because the relationships that are worth it are sometimes a lot of work. However, both partners need to put in the work in order to find success in the long run.
  • They ask one important question every day which is "What can I do to help you?" because showing that you want to make your partner's life just that much less stressful and hard can help to take a huge load off of their shoulders.

Happy couples don't usually plaster the internet with their happiness. The best couples keep to themselves and focus on their relationship instead of focusing on what other people think about their relationship.

(via The Knot)

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