In these uncertain times, we are all open to free help especially when it comes to homeschooling. Google has stepped up in allowing tools for teachers and families to remotely teach our kids. Here are the details. According to News 10 ABC, distance learning is the way our children will be attending school this fall and we can all use a lot of guidance and help. Google has developed a way with its latest educational technology. They have created a platform called "Teach from Anywhere".

"Teach from Anywhere" not only helps teachers start a video call with their class, set up a website, and use captions for video meetings, but it also can assist families and students. It will enable kids to have a fun and engaging experience along with helping parents assist their kids with their homework.

Google is making the platform as easy as it is to search. It is a little bit more in-depth where it can give underlying concepts of a math problem to help understand and walk the student through it.

It will also teach students how to take virtual field trips, discover artwork, and interact with students to learn to read. There is an app called read along that is extremely interactive. This helps the student speak in their own voice and correct them or praise them when they get something correct. It's a great self-guided tool to help a student read on their own if you are busy.

There is another collection on Youtube which can be useful for remote learning that is used with Google's Teach from Anywhere. Google is ready to help with resources for teachers, families, and schools. It can help get started with the basics of the Google Classroom, homework help, staying safe online, and fun educational tools too.

I think we can use all the help we can get in helping with homeschooling. I will definitely give it a try.

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