Starting a new relationship can be very exciting, and you may have new feelings and emotions that you may not know how to handle right away. Bustle explains that there are some weird things that are going on inside your brain when you begin a new relationship.

  • You become addicted to your partner for a little while because dopamine is flooding your brain and when you think about your new partner, see them, talk to them, more of this feel good hormone is produced! Your brain will calm down eventually, but in the beginning, it's all so new and exciting!
  • You're more attracted to your significant other because oxytocin in the brain makes us feel connected and more secure with them. This is why you feel like you've known this person forever because the "love hormone" gets you to feel more attached to this person than usual.
  • You experience pain differently when you're in a (healthy) relationship versus when you're single. Being in love has been proven to be a pain reliever similar to taking painkillers.

Love is both weird and wonderful, but don't let the honeymoon phase of a new relationship blur your reality of the person that you're now dating.

(via Bustle)

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