Natural Painkillers that work great
With addiction and overdosing being two words that keep popping up in news stories these days, I thought this would be a good blog to write to help you with pain you might have.
Know a woman by her purse
Women can be a deep ocean of secrets...I think I heard that in a movie. Anyways, forget trying to read her mind, just look in her purse.
An easy way to cut calories
It's no secret that cutting calories and fat will you with your weight loss battle. We all wish there was a secret. Well, this might not be a secret but it could help a lot.
Gross things we love
Let's face it, when no one is looking we do things that we won't talk about with friends at parties. We are not proud of doing those things but we still love to do them.
Questions to find happiness
Are you happy with your life. If not, are you willing to make some changes, even big changes to get there? Here are some questions to help you.
According to INC.Com, Becky Lynn Smith wrote a book called "Designing Your Ideal Life: Create Your Blueprint For Success And Happiness"...

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