Women can be a deep ocean of secrets...I think I heard that in a movie. Anyways, forget trying to read her mind, just look in her purse.

According to Dr. Sheldon Zigelbaum, guys can learn a lot about the secret world of women by the type of purse they carry. No more trying to get them drunk so they spill their guts, just look at their purse.

She says if a woman carries a:

Cluttered purse
She's warm, generous and an outgoing person. She has a relaxed attitude toward life and is an easy-to-be-with person.

Well-organized purse
A no-nonsense person with high self-esteem. She finds it easy to perform beyond her capabilities.

Cover-girl purse
Lot's of cosmetics reveal a dramatic person. She has a flair for the unusual, an active imagination and will sometimes laugh or cry at the drop of a hat.

Photo-album purse
A conservative person with down-to-earth ideals. She's nostalgic and relishes her past.

Office-supplies purse
This woman likes for every minute to count. She is a list-maker and will never forget a birthday.

Snack-filled purse
She is a born hostess and loves celebrations and parties. She is happiest when unexpected things happen including surprise visits from unannounced friends.

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