Know a woman by her purse
Women can be a deep ocean of secrets...I think I heard that in a movie. Anyways, forget trying to read her mind, just look in her purse.
This is a Real Turn Off
The beginning of a relationship is often called "the honeymoon phase" because everything that your partner does is somehow just so cute, so romantic and so perfect.
Relationship quiz
So, you found the love of your life. And, who doesn't want "happily ever after?" You can take this quiz to see just how much you know about that person and if it will.
There is now a test to see if your relationship will last the test of time...
Laugh together, stay together
If you are going on a date, or just want to make your relationship better than ever then you need to see a comedy.
Laughing is the glue that makes relationships stronger than ever. And, it makes total sense. Couples who reminisce about funny experiences they've shared are more satisfied with their pa…

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