Wow, I could tell you some really crazy stories about my dating life before I was married. Some rated PG and some, well, let's not get into any of that.

Dating has got to be the most amazing, crazy, boring, or frightening thing ever for people to experience, depending on each individual situation. I'm sure you have some interesting stories to tell or keep to yourself.

I thought about taking the subject of dating with this question that I figured would result in some interesting answers - "Where Is The Weirdest Place You've Gone On A Date?"

There have got to be some crazy stories. While this is a bit off-topic, I proposed to my future wife as we sat in a radio station van, waiting for engineers to come to help us put our radio station transmitter back on the air. It wasn't supposed to happen that way, but I couldn't wait any longer to propose. Of course, she said yes.

So, here are some responses I received from listeners, and believe me, some are quite interesting, scary, or just weird:

  • Russell G. - Making out in a car parked in an old town dump site!
Pile of domestic garbage in landfill
  • Nichole P. - In a Walmart parking lot. We bought a box of their fried chicken and ate it caveman style.
  • Cathy K. - He asked me out for breakfast. After we passed many classic diners, he said, do you like Italian sausage? I said yes, and he drove me to his mom's house and he showed me the kitchen. I kid you not.
  • Renee R. - Muskrat trapping. But at least I gotta piggy back ride through part of the swamp.
  • Anita S. - A swamp.
  • Michael L. - Next to a creek... in the woods.... in the winter snow!
  • Gould C. - Picked the man up because all he had was a bicycle. Went to Denny's because he said it was cheaper than Pizza Hut. Went dutch. It was the first date, and he was hinting towards wanting to get married and have kids. Then let me watch him race the man that ran the miniature car races. Dropped him off and he asked, so the date is over? I said yup and drove off.
  • Judi W. - Rock picking in a newly seeded hay field.
  • Kristine F. - My date had a hearse as he worked at a funeral parlor! When we were making out in it, a person thought there was a deceased coming back alive and scared the crap out of him!
  • Karen C. - His "relief milker" called in sick so I milked cows with him.
Photo by Jo-Anne McArthur on Unsplash
  • Daniel W. - To her house to cook Thanksgiving dinner for her family.
  • Lois P. - Valentine's Day to the play 'Trial at Nuremberg!'
  • Karen H. - To meet the ex!
  • Geoffrey M. - Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco.
  • Janice S. - Square dancing.
  • Kathi R. - Someone's yard, picking night crawlers...not kidding at all. Needless to say, that relationship didn't last long!
  • Brenda W. - To the movies, and he pulled a knife out of his boot. Opened his trunk and had dead muskrats in there that he trapped. We saw the movie 'Heaven Can Wait.'  OMG. Should have been a warning.
  • Brandon C. - So there’s this place in Triangle where the school bus turns around. Back road. It’s dark.
  • Michelle C. - My first date with my now husband was at the glow-in-the-dark golf course in Cortland, NY. It was pretty cool.
  • Mary G. - Cemetery.
Photo by John Thomas on Unsplash
  •  Gail M. - Hardware store.
  • Joyce B. - Smelt fishing.
  • Brian B. - In a car in the driveway lol.
  • Kadi R. - To the gym.
  • James S. - Blue Lagoon Hot Springs in Iceland while 0 degrees wind chill factor.
Blue Lagoon Iceland
  • Douglas C. - To Genesee Country Village, only to find it closed on the day we went.
  • Carla B. - To his pig farm - had to put on hip boots to go into the pigsty and feed the hogs.
  • Maxine A. - Howe Caverns.
  • Maggie S. - Fishing at night. He dropped me off back home. When I got out of his truck I said "Don't ever call me again". He did though.
Fishing At Night
Photo by Marek Piwnicki on Unsplash

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