The World Against Toys Causing Harm (WATCH) has revealed its nominees for the "10 Worst Toys of 2017".

I am not sure why I didn't know, but it makes total sense that there is an organization like this out there.

And, they demonstrated why the "Wonder Woman Battle Sword," "Spiderman Spider-Drone" and other potentially hazardous toys should not be in the hands of children.

According to, this year's toy report addressed the types of toy hazards available online, as well as in retail stores, so parents know what traps to avoid when buying toys.

"Although parents have a right to expect that toys they give to their children are safe, unsafe toys remain an ongoing problem. Due to poor design, manufacturing and marketing practices, there are toys available for purchase today with the potential to lead to serious injury and even death."

WATCH urges parents and caregivers to take precautions when buying toys -- especially during the upcoming 2017 holiday season.

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