Happy Halloween! I hope you have a fun and safe Halloween and you get tons of candy. Or, whatever the different houses want to give out this year.

Have you ever left a house shaking your head in disbelief at what was just put in your bag? I can honestly say that I loved everything I got when I would go out trick-or-treating.

According to the website, you will not believe some of the craziest things that kids have gotten while trick-or-treating.

I have gotten a tooth brush, pennies and religious pamphlets. But, that is nothing compared to the top things these kids have gotten. Here are the top 10:

1.  A caramel-covered onion.

2.  Cans of green beans and corn.

3.  A documentary on the Milwaukee Brewers.

4.  Shoe laces.

5.  A brisket sandwich.

6.  Condoms.

7.  Stamps.

8.  Dog food.

9.  A mixtape.

10.  A bar of Lever 2000 soap.

Maybe you might want your parents to look through your bag before you delve in. Happy Halloween!


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