Have you ever found yourself in the dumps and all of a sudden you feel happy? What was it that made you feel better?

Life's little things are sometimes what it takes to make us happy. But, what are those little things. What simple thing in life makes you happy? I know what makes me happy but I can't share it with you.

According to a new survey I saw in The Daily Mail, here are some little things that make us happy.

1.  A kiss and a hug.

2.  Laughing with friends.

3.  Clean sheets.

4.  Petting your dog or cat.

5.  Getting a good deal.

6.  Getting a compliment.

7.  Finding money.

8.  Hearing from an old friend.

9.  Doing a good deed.

10.  Having some lazy time where you just relax and do nothing.

I didn't see pizza or the Spice Channel on that list so I am not sure who they surveyed, but I guess those things are good.

[via: Daily Mail]

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